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Tips about growing plants with children

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Gardening is a good exercise to teach children to be creative and how to grow and take care of plants. Here are some tips on how to get started.

Why you should grow plants from seed with children – Seeds are a good way for your children to see how plants grow and they are also a lot cheaper than buying actual plants. Seeds are a great way for your child to understand the full cycle of planting, germination, growing, and harvesting. An added benefit is that children who are picky eaters may be more willing to eat what they have grown.

Which plants are easy to grow? – Start with a selection of seeds so that your child can choose the plants they want to grow. Then invest in some seed trays that will hold your plants. Choose from a range of plants to give your child a wide variety. For example, look at one tall plant, one short one, plants that give flowers and those that you can eat.

Here are some options – Sweet peas, sunflowers, peas, sugar snap peas, beans, radish, and lettuce.

Study – Give your child some reading material that provides them information and instructions on how plants grow. This process will also improve their vocabulary, and they can then use the words they have read when gardening.

Tools – Invest in some child-friendly garden tools, like gloves, spade, buckets a watering can

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