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Small garden ideas that make the most of a tiny space

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If you have a small garden that includes a tiny terrace, petite patios or a small stretch of lawn, you may be wondering how you can make an elegant outdoor space that does not look cluttered. Here are some simple tips that will transform your small garden into a relaxing space that will make you proud.

Paint your walls white – To make your space seem larger paint you’re interiors white. White walls will brighten and lighten your garden and trick everyone into thinking you have a lot more space.

Plant a lush garden with pots – A lush garden does not need a lawn, instead look at planting flower beds and plant plants with lush green leaves.

Trail plants up a fence – Use your fence to add color and greenery. Look at planting climbing plants that will cover your fence and those that will add texture and color to your garden.

Brighten up with colorful furniture – Tiny spaces will look transformed with bright furniture. Look at hues of orange, baby blue, bright pink or yellow to highlight your furniture and create interest.

Plan a multitasking garden – If you want to add privacy to your garden look at built-in raised flower beds that will provide you with privacy and make your space lush and green. To add variation and interest, look at a mixture of plants of varying heights and textures.

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