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Quick guide to cleaning outdoor cushions

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Summary: It is now easy to get cushions that are outdoor grade. Cleaning these cushions is easy as long as you follow the instructions on the tags and conduct regular maintenance. A deep clean once year will keep the cushions looking vibrant for years.

It is now easy to get outdoor and patio cushion fabrics that easy to maintain. These new cushion fabrics have some level of resistance to mildew and even exposure to the sun. The same applies to the cushion filling, with either a polyester fiber or an outdoor foam like Dry fast. Fortunately, the cleaning techniques for these exterior grade materials is simple and easy.


Before you do anything, look for and read the contents of the tags. The fabric could be anything from vinyl to an acrylic, and the cleaning instructions will vary. Also, in most cases, you will be able to take the filling out of the cushion, but there will be situations where you cannot. Follow the instructions on the tags when you clean.


Day to day maintenance is the easiest and most time-efficient way of keeping your cushions in optimal condition. Regular maintenance includes brushing the cushion, drying the cushions quickly, and removing stains immediately.

Deep clean

Even with regular maintenance, your cushions will develop some discoloration over time. The best time to deep clean your cushions is just before you put them away for the winter. At this point, use a sponge with a detergent and water solution for cushions without removable covers. For others, remove the cover and hand wash. Always air dry your cushions.

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