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How to start a school garden?

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Teaching children to garden is a great way to teach children how to be responsible and to understand how plants grow and produce fruit. Here are some tips on how to start a school garden.

Build support – Firstly, you will need support from administration, teachers, other parents, and volunteers. To show them what a school garden will offer the kids, create a plan that outlines what the garden will teach the kids, which can include eating healthy, appreciating the outdoors and nature, respecting nature and instilling patience.

Planning your school garden – Have a clear goal for your garden project and create a learning plan for the kids to follow with assignments and projects that are practical.

Gathering resources – Since a garden program may not be part of a school’s annual budget, you may have to look at other ways of collecting funds for this project. Look at fundraisers and donations that involve your local community and parents.

Planting your garden – Consider planting and harvesting crops while school is in session. Volunteers will have to maintain the plants when school is not in session. You could also look at plants and herbs that grow indoors since these can grow all year around. Provide students with a chance to work on the garden when school is not in session by offering extra credit on work done in the holiday months.

Additional programs – You can consider including additional programs that involve cooking the produce grown to teach children how to cook and eat healthy.

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