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How to choose a plant for every room of your home?

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Greenery can transform and freshen a space. But if you are bringing plants indoors, it is essential that you invest in the right plants to ensure they grow healthy and strong.

Rubber tree – The living room is a space that gets a lot of foot traffic and therefore show off your elegant side by placing a bird of paradise plant or a rubber tree. It is critical to choose plants according to the amount of light you receive. For low light, spaces look at plants like begonia and philodendron.

Kitchen – The kitchen can be a humid space and because most kitchens have limited counter space, hanging your plants is a smart option. If you have a windowsill, look at potting some herbs that are often used in your cooking. Ferns are great for spaces that have low to moderate light, but they require weekly watering. Herbs will need full sun and regular watering when dry.

Dining room – Make sure the dining room has different plants to your living room to mix things up. Remember to place your plants in an area that does not get in the way. If your dining room gets bright light, you can look at planting different cactus or succulents that are eye-catching.

Bedroom – Bedrooms are meant for restful sanctuary, and therefore plants can create a peaceful atmosphere. Snake plants are great for spaces that receive bright to low light and can be watered monthly.

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