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How to choose a garden design style that suits you?

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Everyone will have preferences on what they what to wear, eat and how they want their homes to look. Your garden design will also be unique as it will need to match your lifestyle and tastes.

Small gardens – If you have a small garden and love spending time outdoors, consider using some clever tricks to make your garden look its best. Start off by placing most of your plants on the walls of your garden to create more space. Choosing shades like white for your garden walls, fences and furniture will also create the illusion of space.

Wildlife-friendly gardens – Wildlife gardens will use native plants which help to invite native birds and insects into their yard. Look at adding log piles, hedgehog boxes, bee hotels and bird baths to your backyard. Your garden will also have to look less structured and more natural to follow a wildlife theme.

Mediterranean gardens – A Mediterranean garden can be both formal or informal. Most Mediterranean gardens use gravel and plants that are drought tolerant such as lavender, olive trees, rosemary, and vines.

Contemporary gardens – If crisp, clean lines are what you prefer, a modern garden design is what is best for you. Balance is critical when creating a contemporary garden, so look at geometric layouts that are simple with less detail.

Cottage gardens – Cottage gardens are full of color and follow an English style theme. Look at planting in country style pots and opt for plants of different textures and colors. You can also add fruit and vegetable plants to a section of your cottage garden.


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