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Your Guide to Building a Brilliant Garden Gazebo

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Summary: A resting area placed right in the middle of a garden can significantly transform your outdoor space.

Aside from your patio, your backyard is a visual gem that can be transformed into something that’s worth bragging about. This guide will showcase how you can create your very own “rest” area that’s bound to be the life of any party.

Starting from Scratch

First and foremost, you’ll require a space that’s roughly the size of a small patio area. This will be the centerpiece of everything that’s going be added. If you plan on constructing this from scratch, you’ll want to dig out any weeds, dirt or grass and fill it with a concrete mixture, so you can gain additional space.

Decorate the Surrounding Area

This part is completely optional. Some people like their rest area to reciprocate that of a minimalist design – open space, green grass, small flowerbeds. Whatever you choose to do, be sure that you have some sort of decoration around the area, so it can serve as a complimentary visual piece.

Add Furniture Pieces

You’ll want to add certain furniture pieces that are both weatherproof and durable. For instance, place an outdoor bench, a table, and a few hanging lamps around the area to give it that nice, cozy feel. Or, you can take it a step further and construct pillars around all four corners of your space and build a mini gazebo. One furniture piece that’s often underrated when it comes to exterior design is the fold out couch. There are various outdoor pullouts that can provide a place to lie down and relax without caving in to excess moisture and environmental factors.

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