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Everything you need to know about locking mailboxes

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Mail theft and mailbox vandalism is a serious issue and affects millions of people every year. When your mail gets stolen, more often than not, it is for identity theft. People don’t know that mail is missing, so they can’t report it to the police, and then suddenly there are lines of credit open in their name. The easiest way to solve this problem is to switch to a locking mailbox. Here is everything you need to know about locking mailboxes:

Locking mailboxes work a lot of like normal mailboxes. There is a slot in front large enough for letters and small parcels. The opening is not large enough and has a design that prevents anyone from putting their hand in and taking something out. The back of the box contains a locked access door that you can open.

You can get a locking mailbox in several configurations. MailboxResidential.com, for example, has locking mailboxes that come wall mounted, curbside, column locking, and locking cluster mailboxes. If you (or your neighborhood) want to move to locking mailboxes, there are plenty of options.

These mailboxes are also more durable than your normal curbside mailbox, making them more resistant to vandalism. However, for better protection from vandalism, you should relocate the mailbox closer to your house. Please note that you will need permission to move your mailbox.

There are also larger locking mailboxes to accommodate those who get a lot of mail volume or travel long enough to allow mail to collect.

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