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Before You Sell Your Old Dining Room Chair Set, Read This

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Dining Room Chair Set

When most people think about renovating their kitchen, they go straight to the most expensive parts: countertops and cabinets. These are excellent goals to shoot for, but not everyone is sitting on a few thousand dollars they can use just to revamp one room in the home. Still, you can give your dining room table a face lift and pull the room together with affordable seat cushions you can make for yourself.

If you think about the basic elements of a cushion, you’ll need only the following to work with:

  • Fabric: optional if your chair has a zipper on the cushion. If the fabric is getting on in age, try using baking soda on it to get rid of lingering smells and restore its vibrancy.
  • Foam for seat cushions: If you order online, you can usually find memory foam at a very affordable price. Most of your project will be done with under $100 worth of foam.
  • Tools: Scissors and cutting tools will do for the foam. A tape measure is a necessity for measurements, and a clean space to work.

You’ll need to measure the length, width and height of your cushion replacement. Try and remember the Golden Rule at this stage: measure twice and cut once. For the fabric, you can simply cut the foam to the shape you need and drape fabric over and under the shape. Cut the fabric sheets to size and get ready to sew.

Using your sewing machine, stitch the two sheets of fabric together to form a cover. You should only stitch 3 sides, like a pillow case. Overlap the fabric after you’ve inserted the sheet and your cushion will look as good as new.

Bio: Southeast Michigan’s The Foam Factory is a manufacturer of custom-cut foam for commercial or residential use. Everything from beds to packaging foam is available now at The Foam Factory.

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