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9 Ways to decorate with plants

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If you are looking to turn your house into a home, the easiest way to do so is to add plants. Plants bring in beauty, character, texture and good energy to every space. Here are some ways to decorate with plants.

Line them on a bench – If you have a narrow bench and some pretty potted plants, give them center stage in your living room, study or kitchen by elevating them.

Shelves – If you have a corner under the stairs or an L shaped shelf, look at placings some easy to maintain plants in this space.

Reading nook – A reading nook will look a lot more welcoming with a plant on your side table.

Plant shelf – If you have high hard to reach shelves, add plants that droop downwards to soften hard edges.

Bright pots – Different plants with different textures can look unified by planting them in similar pots.

Headboard – Headboards are a great place to hold your bedtime essentials, like books, alarm, a lamp and a small potted plant.

Go tall – If you have a tall ceiling, look at plants that reach upwards to add vertical interest to your tall ceiling.

Window ledge – Window ledges are a great spot for plants that need sunlight. Look at adding plants near your kitchen windowsill or by your bathroom window.

Water roots – Plants that grow in water are easy to maintain, and you can also see the roots grow if you place them in glass containers.


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