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6 Pet friendly indoor house plants

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If you are a pet lover, you may know that pets often eat plants to help them naturally heal themselves. As gardens get smaller, growing indoor pet friendly plants maybe the only option. Here are some pet friendly indoor plants that are easy to maintain and will beautify your home.

Spider plant – Spider plants are easier to grow indoors and grow well in low-light As an added benefit, spider plants will help clean and purify the air. They are also nontoxic to animals and therefore safe to have indoors.

Palms – Palms come in a variety of different sizes and are safe for cats and dogs. The most common indoor palms are areca, bamboo palm, parlor and ponytail as they are easy to grow and don’t need a lot of light.

Bamboo plant – Bamboo is a nontoxic plant and grows relatively quickly. Look at training your bamboo by grouping your bamboo with ties so that it goes in a way that is pretty and neat.

African violet – African violet grows in warm locations with lots of light. The great thing about this plant is that it is easy to grow, is ever blooming and the flowers are pet-friendly.

Boston fern – Boston ferns are pretty and safe for animals. Look at planting yours in a high location, so that the plant can droop downwards.

Cast iron plant – The cast iron plant is a strong plant that lives up to its name. This plant will survive in almost any room of your home.


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