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5 Golden rules for planning a garden

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A successful garden will require some planning to ensure that your trees, shrubs, vines, and flowers all work together to bring out the best in your garden. Here are five golden rules for planning a garden.

Planning your foundation plantings – To soften your home and its straight lines, look at planting flower beds and adding a lawn. When selecting your plants ensure that your plants wouldn’t damage your foundation, block entrances or windows.

Planning your trees – List out the look you want and don’t want before selecting your trees. Look at tree height, width, form, bark, texture, and color before you make your final choice. The time of your blooms should play an important role in your selection.

Planning your shrubs – When choosing your shrubs look at the size of the shrubs and shrub borders. Other requirements should include the sun, soil, water, and pruning needs.

Planning your ground covers – Look at low growing plants that spread and need less water and care. Look at how quickly these plants will spread, their color, thickness, disease resistance and how well it coexists with other plants.

Planning your perennials and annuals – Perennials will bloom for roughly two weeks every season while annuals will die after one year. Look at plants that are easier to grow in your region but speak to your local nursery about soil, sun and water requirements.


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