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5 Container garden tips for beginners

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Container gardens have become popular as more and more people are short on space and time to maintain a large garden. Creating a container garden can be simple as following the tips below.

Evaluate your light – Before you choose your plants, look at where you want to place your plants and how much light your plants will receive throughout the day. At least 2-6 hours of direct light will be necessary for most plants.

Feed your plants – Avoid using soil from your garden, and opt to buy some potting soil from your local nursery. Check if your potting soil has added fertilizer to nourish your plants. You could also buy fertilizer and add it to your soil, however, ensure you add the right amount of fertilizer to avoid drying your plants.

Make a list before you buy – Look online and read up about plants that work well indoors. Make sure that you consider the size, sunlight and water requirements before you finalize your selection. Make a list of the plants you want to look for before you visit the nursery. Always include at least five more varieties than you need to give you more options just in case your nursery does not carry a plant variety.

Plant good neighbors – If you are planting multiple plants in one container, remember that both plant varieties should require the same amount of light and moisture. If plants are combined with different needs, some plants will thrive, while others will die.

Read and save the plant tag – Plant tags are useful as they will give you an idea of how much light, water, food and care your plant will need. Take a picture on your phone of your plant tags and save them in a folder for easy reference.

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