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4 ways to create a fabulous low-maintenance garden

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A low maintenance garden can function as an extra room in your home, by simply adding paving, lighting, a few plants, and comfortable seating. Although a garden full of plants is beautiful, if you are looking for a low maintenance garden the fewer plants you have, the lesser your workload. Here are four tips on creating your low maintenance garden.

  1. Start by reducing the size of the planted areas – Start by reducing your planted areas and moving your beds along the boundaries. You can add paving, path stones or increase the size of your lawn.
  2. Limit the number of different plants you have – The more plant varieties you grow, the more time you will have to put in. Look at 5-8 varieties of plants and look at growing low maintenance varieties like rudbeckias, sedums, bamboo, palms or tall grasses.
  3. Artificial grass – If you are environmentally friendly and want a low maintenance garden, artificial grass is a good option. For one, you will not have to water it, mow it or fertilize it and this means that you will use less water, petrol, and chemicals.

4. Plant in pots – Instead of planting on the ground look at planting in large pots or beds. Planting this way will stop the plant from spreading and getting large, which means that you will have less to prune and trim. Save

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